Most frequent questions and answers.

Let me count the ways!
  • Personalized service! We come to your house and can set you up with a regular grooming schedule crafted for your dogs needs.
  • We offer latchkey services if you prefer us to come while you’re at work: we’ll give your dog a bathroom break before and after grooming!
  • Your dog is our only customer in the LoveBug Grooming Van. Bella has our full attention when we’re at your house,which means less stress for her! No barking and whining dogs driving her crazy–it’s a quiet and cozy setting to get a bath or a haircut.
  • It’s safer for your dog. Bella won’t be exposed to illnesses from other dogs since she’s the only one in the van. And of course we fully disinfect after every groom.
  • No scary cages! We never put your dog in a cage–Henry will appreciate that! Henry is in the tub or on the padded table. We are devoted to his comfort.
  • We dry Charlie by hand, not in a drying cage which can stress and overheat your dog. Our Kool Dry hand dryers make sure Charlie is never too hot.
  • Lucy gets home a LOT faster! No waiting for the groom to start. No waiting for mom or dad to pick her up. Anxious dogs, older dogs, puppy dogs…every dog appreciates how quickly we get her in and out.
Lots of things!
  • Appointments are booked far in advance because of demand for LoveBug Mobile Grooming! Priority is given to regular customers who are on a set schedule of grooms per year. Please book early and find the schedule that’s right for you so you don’t miss out. Pre-holidays are our busiest times.
  • We will arrive within a one hour window of the time of your appointment. So if your appointment is at 10:00 we will be at your house between 10:00 and 11:00.
  • The appointment will take from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the type of dog you have and what shape Max is in! Keeping Max on a regular schedule makes the groom go more quickly and that makes Max happy!
Yes you can, but please give us at least 24 hours notice. Same day cancellations are charged full price since we can’t fill in a customer at a moment’s notice.

Mats are painful for dogs and need special attention. LoveBug knows how to brush or safely cut out Charlie’s mats during a groom. If the matting is extensive, shaving may be the only humane option.

The best thing you can do is to prevent mats by staying on a grooming schedule so that mats don’t develop. That helps Charlie’s skin, fur and peace of mind!

The relationship between the groomer and the dog is key to a successful groom, and nothing is more disruptive than a parent! Sorry moms and dads, but dogs often act more aggressive or feel more anxious when the bond between the groomer and the dog is disrupted. We need Bailey’s full attention, and we can’t get that when anyone else is in the van.
Please do! We encourage as much communication as possible about what style haircut you’d like for your Sadie. We want you to be happy- the more information we get about what you like and don’t like, the better!

The LoveBug Grooming Vans are state of the art vehicles outfitted by Wagon Tails–the best in the business! Inside you’ll find sleek white counters, a padded grooming table that raises and lowers for the size of your dog and a stainless steel bathtub with a fun shower curtain!

LoveBug has everything your dog needs: heat for winter, air conditioning for summer, hot and cold running water and dryers that are equipped with the Kool Dry system so your Buster will never overheat. We have high powered vacuum cleaners that do a deep clean on the van between grooms. Did I mention that we have big tins of low fat doggie treats and bandanas in every size?

LoveBug cares about our environment! We will travel to your house by the most efficient route when you give us a flexible arrival time. Just set an appointment day and we will come when your house is closest to our route. Ask for a Green appointment when you text or call and we’ll set it up!
You will see LoveBug Grooming vans in most parts of Westchester. Give us a call to find out is we service your community! 914-418-4888.

We come to your home so you don’t have to take time out of your schedule to drop Luna off at the groomer and then pick her up again hours later. Stores often charge for add-on services that we include, making store prices higher than you might expect.
We get your dog in and out much quicker than a store groom. Luna won’t have to be there all day, waiting for her turn. We groom 6-7 dogs a day vs up to 15 dogs a day for store groomers.

Ask Luna: she knows that the one on one attention she gets in our luxury grooming van is worth every penny!

We require payment at the time of the groom. You can pay with cash, check, or venmo. Checks should be made out to LoveBug Mobile Grooming. Thank you for your payment!
As quickly as you can! We are frequently booked up a month out, and we’d hate to disappoint you!