Serving Westchester County in NY

Dog Mobile Grooming

What We do

We are a fully equipped salon that comes to you! Your dog gets one on one attention in a fully equipped mobile salon right at your door!

How we do it

Once we meet your Love Bug we go into the van where they can sniff around and get accustomed to us before we begin our groom! We do the entire groom in our van. It takes about an hour and a half, depending your dogs size, coat and needs!

WHY Choose Us

We love what we do and it shows in our work. We want your dog to be as comfortable as possible and put your dogs health, comfort and needs above all else.

Our Team

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Juliarose Coloumbe

Founder & Groomer

Despite going to school for writing, nobody was surprised when Julia started her career in mobile grooming. She is a dog lover to the core. She takes pride knowing that she is giving her four legged clients the best grooming experience possible. Grooming also allows her to express her creative side while working with her favorite species on earth! When she’s not grooming she enjoys traveling, reading, listening to phish and hiking with her dogs.

Cameron Chase


Cameron’s artistic talent and lifelong love of dogs help to make him a uniquely qualified groomer. He feels at home around dogs, and they feel at home around him! While attending the University of Hartford Art School, Cameron spent his summers at a nearby dog grooming academy learning on the job at a busy kennel. After graduating with a BFA in illustration, he decided to continue his grooming education and apprenticed with Julia for four months before being brought on as a full time professional groomer. Cameron is as gentle with dogs as he is a talented groomer and we couldn’t be happier to have him on the LoveBug team! When he isn’t grooming or spending time with his own dogs, Cameron loves painting, spending time with his family (he has 10 nieces and nephews!) or listening to Pearl Jam.

About the company

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About Love Bug

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than it loves itself” Josh Billings
Love Bug is dedicated to the most loyal, gentle, soulful, deeply attached dog I have ever known. For 13 years Bug, along side Beast and Pockets, was my absolute best friend in every sense of the word. I love and miss him with all my heart. He was my ultimate, most perfect Love Bug.

Our Clients

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