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Your lovebug get’s a warm, hydro massaging bath that circulates the shampoo into their coat for the ultimate clean.
We use all hypoallergenic shampoos based on coat type. We are also happy to use a shampoo you provide.

After a thorough towel drying we put cotton in their ears to keep the noise out, and we dry them with our high velocity temperature controlled hand held dryer. No cages, ever! We literally don’t have a cage in the van!

Tidy Up

Perfect for in between haircuts or for dog’s that don’t need a full body haircut but have some featherings that need tidying!


Tumble weeds be gone! We provide thorough deshedding using our high velocity dryer, hypoallergenic products and a wide array of brushes, tools and techniques.

Full Styling

We will consult with you to determine the ideal haircut for your lovebug!

Serving Westchester County in NY

Dog Mobile Grooming

What We do

We are a fully equipped salon that comes to you! Your dog gets one on one attention in a fully equipped mobile salon right at your door!

How we do it

Once we meet your Love Bug we go into the van where they can sniff around and get accustomed to us before we begin our groom! We do the entire groom in our van. It takes about an hour and a half, depending your dogs size, coat and needs!

WHY Choose Us

We love what we do and it shows in our work. We want your dog to be as comfortable as possible and put your dogs health, comfort and needs above all else.

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